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Online School Bus Driver Safety Training

Did you know that in the United States, we transport on average over 25 million students per day!

Being a School Bus Driver has never been for the faint of heart. From yearly mandated training, to knowing every Federal and State regulation, handling student management issues and possibly delivering life-saving procedures.

The pressures are real and the risks are high.

So how do you sort through it all and decide what to do?

For nearly ten years SafePUPIL has lead the way training pupil transportation professionals nationwide. Equipped with the industry’s most powerful delivery system, our proprietary Learning Management System streams an ever growing extensive learning library coupled with the ability to assign and track all of your training throughout your district.

Simply the most extensive – comprehensive – cost effective learning management site available.

Our Vision is Safety, our focus is you.

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School Bus Driver online training.

Bus Drivers and Monitors receive up-to-date Development Training at anytime from any computer.

Program Overview:

  • Communicate easily and more efficiently important procedures, policies, and training
  • Ensure better driver exposure to your policies and important communications through constant, convenient online access
  • Track training participation and policy readership in order to evaluate success of programs
  • Enhance your school bus driver safety consciousness through interactive training modules
  • Document the preparedness of your district with real-time reporting of actions and progress
  • Develop new drivers with the School Bus CDL Tutorial
  • Use the Online Training Program as an In-service Training Solution

Client Web Based Training Sites.

SafePUPIL uses an advanced LMS system developed by Vertical Alliance Group. This innovative technology allows your employees to access training anywhere, anytime. SafePUPIL's LMS delivers training via any medium you like - Word Processing Documents, PDFs, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Audio, even Video! The system records and reports progress to you in real time, providing third-party, date and time stamped documentation.

Video instruction is delivered via high quality streams, using state of the art compression technology, for crisp, smooth playback. Interested in a complete demo of our training platform? Please call 866-435-8087 Ext. 400.

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