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Does Your Bus Driver know what to do when they experience a tire blowout? We have just added this training that will teach your driver how to maintain control in the event this happens. This is a serious event resulting in many deaths and injuries.

Did you know that in the United States, we transport on average over 25 million students per day!

In a time of dwindling school budgets and with the many time constraints we are under, how do we provide the required training for our transportation department? There is a need to think of innovative ways to provide ongoing training for our drivers and attendants so they can transport our most vulnerable population in the safest possible manner.

Our Infinit-i platform offered through SafePUPIL could be the answer.

School Bus Driver online training.Not only can your School Bus Drivers and Monitors receive up-to-date Development Training at anytime from any computer with a broadband connection to the Internet, but you can also receive a third-party, date and time stamped record of their participation and comprehension of the material!

Program Overview: Each Training Module that we provide on your School District Training Website will run a Short Concise Video Following the video, the user will take a short test designed to record the user’s participation in the training and their comprehension of the material. Time Stamped Reports are generated weekly of each user’s participation in the training and Emailed to your School District's School Bus Training Administrator. Your administrators can also generate these reports at anytime on their own Computer.

  • Communicate easily and more efficiently important procedures, policies, and training
  • Ensure better driver exposure to your policies and important communications through constant, convenient online access
  • Track training participation and policy readership in order to evaluate success of programs
  • Enhance your school bus driver safety consciousness through interactive training modules
  • Document the preparedness of your district with real-time reporting of actions and progress
  • Develop new drivers with the School Bus CDL Tutorial
  • Use the Online Training Program as an In-service Training Solution

Your website can also be used for providing communications and/or training during periods of bad weather, in case of campus emergencies, or simply to deliver general information. Client Web Based Training Sites.

SafePUPIL uses an advanced LMS system developed by Vertical Alliance Group. This innovative technology allows your employees to access training anywhere, anytime. SafePUPIL's LMS delivers training via any medium you like - Word Processing Documents, PDFs, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Audio, even Video! The system records and reports progress to you in real time, providing third-party, date and time stamped documentation.

Video instruction is delivered via high quality streams, using state of the art compression technology, for crisp, smooth playback. Interested in a complete demo of our training platform? Please call 866-435-8087 Ext. 400, or you can purchase our school bus training video library.

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