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Archived SafePupil 2012 Monthly Best Practices Webinars

SafePupil has begun hosting monthly "Best Practices" Webinars in our continuing efforts to stress the importance of safety training, and help our users derive the maximum benefit from our system.

Our audiences are growing and the feedback is very positive about our monthly webinars. Don't miss out - we invite all school district transportation department heads to join us each month for these fun and informative sessions!

If you would like to learn the methods other SafePUPIL districts are using to provide a more efficient and safe district, then please let us know! Better yet, if you can share a topic that could potentially aid another district, we would love to hear from you!

To get more information or be put on the webinar mailing list, please contact Customer Support at (877) 792-3866 x400.

A recent testimonial from our latest webinar.

  • November Request Full Webinar.
    "Best Practices" SafePUPIL Webinar. This month's topic is "D.A.R.E. / DRUG ABUSE RESISTANCE EDUCATION".
    Our speaker will be law enforcement professional, Mike Landers, Chief of Police at the Liberty- Eylau Independent School District. Mike at one time was the local DARE instructor for over 15 years. This informative session will highlight the signs of warning signs of drug abuse and how to stop its spread amongst the children.

  • October Request Full Webinar.
    "Best Practices" SafePUPIL Webinar. This month's topic is "Updates to SafePUPIL Version 2".
    Steve Kessler - Manager of Consulting Services for Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. will be your speaker and guide for this presentation.
    We will be going over a few of the recent upgrades to the system and provide some training on how best to use these new features.
    Features include:
    1.- New HTML 5 video delivery system
    2.- New multiple module assignments
    3.- SafePUPIL access on iphone and ipads
    4.- Assigning training by occupation

  • September 2012 Request Full Webinar.
    This Months Webinar Topic "Winning Bus Battle Strategies" with our guest speaker Kevin Schutte. Kevin has over 25 years experience in law enforcement. He has a great ability to connect with all parties and he will explain some of the logic and reasoning behind effective communication and conflict resolution.
  • August 2012 Request Full Webinar
    This Months Webinar Topic "Accidents and Reporting" with guest speaker Officer Mike Landers, Chief of Police for the Liberty Eylau Independent School District, Texarkana, Texas.
  • June 2012 webinar will cover how to run an "Efficient and Productive Safety Training Program with a LMS" (learning management system). Request Full Webinar

    This best practice session addressed the benefits of using a LMS:
    1- Improve productivity while reducing print and other costly items
    2- Full documentation and reporting
    3- Improved communication
    4- Up-to-date training
    5- Corrective action training
    6- Deliver district specific material.

  • May 2012 Special Guest: Mr. Lee Gaby, Executive Director, Public School Risk Institute. “Training for the Safe & Welcoming School Bus: What We Know and Can Easily Do." Request Full Webinar.

  • April 2012 “School Bus Routing Efficiency and Cost Savings” with Mr. Tim Ammon, VP of Management Partnership Services will discuss many topics. Including one we all should be concerned with; controlling transportation costs. Request Full Webinar.

  • March 2012 “Managing the Mobile Classroom” Mr. Mike Nelson (MS, LPC, NCC), a licensed professional counselor and well-known international trainer on Violence Prevention, Intervention and Detection discusses How to spot a potentially dangerous situation and how to manage or avoid it, How to de-escalate potential violence, How to avoid power struggles, How to respond to violence or danger and much more. Request Full Webinar.

  • February 2012 SafePUPIL™ “Best Practices” Series webinar “Bus Battles” featuring Mr. Kevin Schutte. Kevin is an experienced law enforcement officer specializing in techniques of intervention. Request Full Webinar.

  • Jenkins Co. School District in GA. Mr. Talmadge Fries, presented an insightful program on addressing important safety training issues with his impactful session on “School Bus Driver Training Programs.” Full Webinar.

  • Nationally renown Anti-Bullying expert Jodee Blanco was our guest this month to discuss a variety of topics related to the issue of “Bullying“. Author of two bestselling books on the subject ("Please Stop Laughing at Me" and "Please Stop Laughing at Us") Ms. Blanco is one of the most widely recognized and requested authorities on the subject of Bullying and has made presentations to thousands of schools across the country. Full Webinar.

  • Orange Grove ISD - Texas. "Alternative Usage of SafePUPIL Site.“ Full Webinar.

  • Richland S.D. II Columbia, S.C. "Loading Custom Content". Full Webinar.

  • Aldine Texas ISD "Child Care Centers for Transportation Department Employees". Full Webinar

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