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School Bus Driver Safety Training DVD Set

We know your cargo is precious! Transportation, Safety Directors and Superintendents work hard to prepare each and every school bus driver for safety on the road.

In order to provide school districts with the most up-to-date content, Vertical Alliance Group is no longer providing DVD and VHS bus driver training videos. Instead, we have put our entire selection of school bus driver training videos into an easy to access online Learning Library. We are committed to adding new training videos to the library on a regular basis.

You have two options for accessing the Learning Library.

SafePUPIL Club Membership

For less than $2.50 a day, you can have instant access to our entire online Learning Library. This library features over 350+ videos for the transportation industry. All you need is a computer with internet access and a projector, and you can stream your videos live at any safety meeting, in-service training, or other gathering of bus drivers. Additionally, you can use the videos for corrective action training or ongoing training of bus drivers on a regular basis.

Click here to learn more and watch four videos from our Learning library.

SafePUPIL Learning Management System

Our most popular options, the SafePUPIL Learning Management System not only gives you instant access to our Learning Library, but it also provides you a way to monitor and track individual school bus driver training, participation, knowledge, and retention. Additionally, it provides you with a custom communication portal where you can post policy and procedure manuals, insurance information, driver calendars, announcements, and more.

Click here to learn more and request a demo.

Volume One DVD Library- School Bus Driver and Vehicle Maintenance.

Volume Two DVD Library- Health & Personal Safety- Material in this section addresses important health and safety issues and informs drivers on how to prevent, resolve and respond to health and safety related events on the bus.

Volume Three DVD Library- Special Needs- Educational materials in this catalog are related to passengers that may need special attention or assistance for curb to curb delivery when being transported in school district supplied buses.

  • Legal Basis for Providing Special Transportation
  • IEP Individualized Education Program
  • Managing Behaviors
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Emergency Evacuation...and much more. Special Needs Training Volume Three.

This School Bus Driver Safety/Development Training Video Library trains your drivers on issues they encounter on the road. This kit can be used as a training class of its own or to supplement your current classroom training. Each video comes with its own test – print and score your drivers' understanding of the materials.

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