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Online Training for the
Student Transportation Industry

Every day 480,000 school bus drivers across the United States carry 26 million students more than 340 million miles. These drivers play a truly critical role in the lives and development of each student getting on and off the bus. While the driver’s number one job is to get students to and from school safely, their job involves more than just learning the rules of the road.

Ask anyone managing a bus barn, and they will tell you their lives would be easier if they didn’t have to manage parent complaints, solve avoidable problems, and respond to accidents that could have easily been prevented. Fixing these issues starts with initial and ongoing training of bus drivers in multiple areas. Doing so leads to better operating efficiency and improved safety.

Ongoing training is essential to keeping school bus drivers interested, motivated, and engaged in how to manage children on the bus. Additionally, a good training program keeps drivers abreast of changes in legislation and continually provides them with reminders of the best practices for providing safety. Even if money is tight, investing in quality initial and ongoing training for your school bus drivers is worth every dime. Research has shown investing in good training leads to increased productivity, reduced driver turnover, and decreased need for supervision.

If you’re not 100% sure your drivers can….

  • Properly handle situations involving bullying, theft, or sexual harassment…
  • Provide appropriate action if a child suffered a seizure or went into diabetic shock while on the bus…
  • Recognize the signs of child abuse…
  • Manage upset parents…

…You need a simple, user friendly training program for them to utilize.

Could You Use an Affordable Online Training Program with the Potential to Help You Decrease Maintenance Cost…
With the annual maintenance and fuel cost to run just one bus averaging around $50,000 a year, it is no wonder school districts across the nation are looking for ways to improve operating efficiency. Training is the number one way to accomplish this goal. Your school bus drivers should be going through regular training on proper maintenance and upkeep of their bus.

Often overlooked in training, but equally as important, is the overall safety of the actual school bus driver. Knowing how to properly lift, prevent falls, and prevent injuries will ensure your drivers are kept healthy, and it will decrease your number of days of work missed and worker’s compensation claims. Additionally, your drivers need ongoing training in what to do if a student brings a weapon or drugs onto the bus. Proper training in these situations can save the lives of children and school bus drivers, and the training has nothing to do with how to actually drive the school bus.

SafePupil was designed with both the school district and the school bus driver in mind. In addition to a comprehensive list of modules and tests currently available online, you also get access to 12 new courses every year taught by experts from across the industry.

School districts across the country have found great success utilizing our unique, ongoing training system to not only improve the efficiency of their school bus fleet, but more importantly, to also provide the safest travel environment for their students.

If you’re tired of doing things the old-fashioned way, then take advantage of an affordable SafePupil Membership and get instant access to training.

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