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About SafePUPIL School Bus Driver Training

SafePUPIL is a subsidiary of Vertical Alliance Group and specializes in providing online training and communication resources to school districts.

Vertical Alliance Group was founded in 1999 and provides business solutions, consulting, and online training to multiple industries, with the bulk of our business currently focused on the trucking, warehouse, safety, and pupil transportation industries. The company started as an online recruiting and retention consulting business focused on showing companies how to utilize the internet as a powerful resource to recruit and hire drivers.

In 2000 we recognized companies struggled with learning how to use the internet for recruiting purposes, so we began hosting a one day Boot Camp in Dallas, Texas to educate business owners. Those who attended the event quickly reported a positive change in the number of recruits they found, often tripling their prior success.

In 2005 Vertical Alliance Group recognized the need for online training in the trucking industry and developed the Infinit-i online learning management system. This system was coupled with our proprietary hands-on consultative client services approach, and by the Fall of 2005 we were able to start successfully educating trucking companies with the platform.  A few years later we branched out and began offering the same platform and comprehensive learning library to the student transportation industry with the addition of our SafePUPIL division.

Today our company provides this proven training solution across multiple industries to help companies of all sizes train, monitor, and assess employees while also showing them how to gain a return on their investment. Our courses and Client Services Team teach strategies that instantly have the potential to impact strategic areas of any company’s or school district’s operation.