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Redefine Safe for Your District with Expert Help at SafePUPIL Boot Camp
Spend 2 Days Learning the Latest Trends in Staff Training

With hands-on classes designed specifically for you to learn how to implement online training, SafePUPIL Boot Camp is the fastest way for you to discover what your training program should look like, all while networking with like-minded school administrators.

You need a comprehensive online training and communication system that will automate your training, gauge comprehension, and provide a way for you to quickly update your entire district on policy and legal changes. And you need a training company that cares about your performance as much as you do.

Over the course of two days at SafePUPIL Boot Camp, you’ll learn how to create a system that works for you to train and communicate with your staff, all while creating a paperless ironclad defense should your training get called into question during an audit or litigation.

Laura Carter with Greenville ISD


1. Professional Development Credit
You came, you learned, and now you need credit. All attendees receive a course completion certificate. Certified HR Directors receive 8 PDCs towards SHRM recertification.

2. Custom Training Video
Studies show employees who watch videos featuring their school district administrators have a higher employee engagement rate. Creating those videos doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ll show you a few shortcuts, and you’ll leave with a custom safety training video featuring YOU!

3. Test Drive the SafePUPIL System
Our experts will help you uncover the tools and strategies that will drive your training forward using the Infinit-i Workforce System for online training.

4. Q&A with a School Risk Professional
The opening keynote is delivered by a school risk professional and features a Q&A period for your most pressing questions about policies, training processes, and more.

Are you right for this free event?

If you’re serious about student safety, if you care about improving your teacher retention rates, and if you understand the best way to improve district wide success is to model the proven processes of schools already pioneering the training revolution, this is for you. SafePUPIL Boot Camp is how you compress decades of experience about the power of proven training strategies into 2 days.

The superintendents, risk professionals, and safety directors who attend this event are a rare group of high achievers. When you combine the attendees with our expert speakers, you have the opportunity to meet and network with the cream of the crop in education — all that is reason enough to attend!

During this FREE 2 day seminar, you will learn:

1. How a Training System Can Improve Communication District Wide
2. How to Use Training to Improve Employee Performance And Reduce Liabilities
3. How to Identify Savings Opportunities & Maximize Your ROI on Training Investments
4. How to Protect Your School District from Compliance Nightmares

You will know what your training program SHOULD look like, and what steps and strategies will work to empower success in staff across your district.

Tim Collins with Arlington ISD

“Are you going to try and sell me something while I’m there?”

We get this question a lot. We aren’t. Chances are you’ll want to implement the SafePUPIL System once you leave. After all, you will learn step-by-step how easy the system makes it to track not only that your staff took and understood their training but also that they received and understood your policies and procedures. Imagine how much better your life would be if you could say goodbye to mountains of training paperwork and chasing staff down to get them to sign new documents.

You’ll leave the seminar understanding exactly what you need to do to create an ironclad paperless defense whenever your training program is brought up in an audit or court of law. Plus, you’ll also discover how to streamline your onboarding process and cut your training costs.

But here’s my promise:


This is an educational seminar designed to help you empower your school district with the best staff and streamline training efforts with online training.