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School Bus Driver Training Video
Proper Way to Load & Unload a School Bus

The SafePUPIL Training Library contains over 350+ training videos, including a 3 part school bus driver training video series on loading and unloading a school bus. This training series stresses the importance of proper loading and unloading of students, the proper usage of lights during loading and unloading and the effect of lights on other motorists.

Load & Unload School Bus Driver TrainingTopics addressed in this 3 part school bus driver training video series include:

  1. Process for completing the 5-point mirror test.
  2. Need for proper review of mirrors for motorists on the road.
  3. Illustrates and reviews danger zones before loading and unloading students.
  4. Sequence of events required for loading and unloading students.
  5. Covers incident management and the proper procedures for handling special

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